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Facebook Groups 

One of the easiest ways for your Facebook group to fail is for it to look overly empty. This is something that many brands fail at and it can immediately turn off many of their potential members. Imagine that you’ve been encouraged heavily by a brand to sign up to a Facebook group. Eventually, you relent and do so. And what do you find? Nothing! It’s a big empty group where no one really posts. Your post is in there and there is no answer. You notice there are only three members… So, what do you do? You leave! And not only have you now left the group, but your opinion of the brand has also probably gone down a notch. Seems the brand lacks the impact to build a big following!

Length 59 pages

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Why You Need a Facebook Group

Facebook Group Posts Versus Facebook Page Posts

“1000 True Fans” - Creating a Thriving Community Around Your Brand

Chapter 2: More Uses For a Facebook Group

Top Ways to Make Use of a Facebook Group for Business

Membership as a Reward

Customer Feedback/Market Research

Competitions and Promotions


Special Offers

Topic Group


Internal Uses.

Chapter 3: Creating Your Facebook Group, Step by Step

More On Setting Up

Chapter 4: Advanced Features, Tools, and Settings

Facebook Group Settings

Group Type



Linked Pages


Web Address

Membership Approval

Chat Creation Permissions.

Membership Pre Approvals

Posting Permissions.

Post Approval

 Story Posting Permissions and Approval


Chapter 5: How To Grow Your Facebook Group

Start Small and Extremely Targeted

The Next Step: Discussing Your Group

Chapter 6: How To Combine a Facebook Page and Group

Linking Your Facebook Page and Group

Why Combine Both

Chapter 7: What to Post and How to Engage

Exclusive Content

Interesting Finds from the Web

Community Posts


Creating New Posts

Chapter 8: How To Manage Your Facebook Group and Maintain Regular Content

Moderation and Letting a Group Run Itself

Create Rules.

Set Moderators.

Automatically Flagged.


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